Tellus artwork galery


Culled form personal archives and what I could find on the web.
From top to bottom:
Early ad, issue #5-6, issue #10,
Issue #11, 13, 14,
Issue #
15, 20, 22,
Issue #24, 25, 26,
TellusTools LP, founding members Claudia Gould & Joseph Nechvatal.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .


Tellus #24 cassette ‘Flux Tellus’ is featured on Ubuweb

Tellus #21 cassette ‘Audio By Visual Artists’ is featured on Ubuweb

Tellus #10 cassette ‘All Guitars!’ (good article and picture)

Tellus #5/6 cassette ‘Audio Visual Issue’ (picture+participants)

Fluxsweet, 2005 live event at Harvestworks, NYC on Ubuweb

The Tellus Tools application

‘I Am Spinning In A Room’ article about TellusTools

Lee Ranaldo ‘The Bridge’ mp3 from Tellus #10 at WMFU’s blog


3 Responses to “Tellus artwork galery”

  1. 1 p. somniferum December 2, 2007 at 5:50 pm

    These Tellus gems are fantastic. Previously, I’d had only one (the visual artists doing music). Found at the library, then eaten on a cheap tape deck, then rediscovered online. Thanks much.

  2. 2 continuo December 2, 2007 at 6:45 pm

    I’ll try to track down further issues of Tellus if possible. There’s something really exciting in those compilations. I consider them legendary and so typical of a music era. It seems we’re not the only ones to be interested by Tellus, though – check this US website mirroring my posts on Tellus.
    They have rewritten my posts in plain english in a little mash up of their own. and even announce Tellus’ 25 years anniversary. I guess this is an hommage to my researching, though I prefer when people like you (P. Somniferum) leave a single line of comment under a post.
    I shall stop here: I have an additionnal Noise Maker Fifes to listen to.

  3. 3 j.henry December 10, 2007 at 6:28 pm

    TONY — yo, exciting news re: those compilations.. . legendary and so typical of a music era. been in contact w/ kenny at UbuWeb — he wants to host the files & run a full scale tellus feature. &SO — want to work with me on this curating / writing up a big tellus parade fer the ubuwebs!?

    let’s get in touch back channel? j.h.chunko at gmail.

    kenny has 7 & 8 too — so i’ll forward digital versions of those along when he sends them over. of course, there are the ones already at ubu — let’s work on finding the rest — propositioning the music blog circles, i’d wager, wld be the best way to unearth these gems (rightly said, p!) — something new to be sure for curating, but more on that. have you heard more from the mis-pictured ellen!!!? (^_~)

    also, i’d like to get those chemix files up to! this is from my inbox —

    : :

    Of course they’re perfect for UbuWeb… I can do a Poetry Foundation podcast on them when we have them all up. In my collection I have Tellus_7_-_The_Word_I Tellus_8_-_USA__Germany

    Do you want them? Let’s do the whole series in collaboration with you and Tony.

    And, let’s also do the Chemix stuff.

    Whaddya say?

    : :

    in japan, they say yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

    j.h c

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