Rummaging the web #1

A regular survey of internet resources.




Amelia Cuni (vocals) & Werner Durand (electronics) ‘Ashtayama – Song of Hours’, live San Francisco, 2004. Dhrupad italian singer Cuni totally manage to create electronic vocal raga music with the help of voice samples and electronic sounds courtesy W Durand. Page link. mp3 link.

UBUweb offers some Vittore Baroni. Trax k7 compilations, including the great ‘Anthems’, featuring unreleased material by the likes of DDAA, P16 D4, Van Kaye & Ignit, Renaldo and the Loaf, Merzbow, amongst others.

WFMU‘s 2005 Mechanized Music various tracks, including C Nancarrow, M De La Rochefoucaud, Pierre Bastien, Remko Scha, Paul DeMarinis, Gyorgy Ligeti and various automates. Fantastic.

Speaking of which, Pierre Bastien & his Mecanium: Live at the Gamatzem, 2005 (mp3 link).

Parisian Monster K7 label reissue their landmark ‘Ode au toy piano’ debut release as mp3 downloads. This is a compilation of tracks featuring toy piano as a prominent instrument. Great if you dig Comelade or Pianosaurus.

Polish experimental composer XV Parowek‘s album ‘Unusual events, abnormal details, special days’ has Warsaw field recordings combined into an aural portrait of the city.


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