Deux Pingouins ‘Animal mal’ 1988

2 Pingouins photo

2 Pingouins Cover

IP032 Illusion Production 1988

1st pingouin: Jean-Philippe Fee,
plays guitar, assorted drums, violin, tapes & voice

2nd pingouin: Sylvie Fee (aka Sylvie Martineau),
plays keyboards, tapes, piano, flute & voice + drawings

Deux Pingouins is a side project by two DDAA members. Their first release, 1988 ‘Animal mal’ k7 was issued by legendary french mavericks Illusion Production. Think Jad Fair, Daniel Johnston, Robert Wyatt . . . but their style is truly unique with typical high pitched percussion, acid guitar, weird voices. Wrapped in an oversized 14×12,3in poster included in the compressed file below. Still available from Illusion Production (€5.00 in France!), but who listens to cassettes anymore . . . except Continuo!




1 Response to “Deux Pingouins ‘Animal mal’ 1988”

  1. 1 lepilleurdepavesl December 26, 2014 at 7:44 pm

    Any chance this would be re-up by someone ?
    Thanks so so so much.

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