All Chemix Radio series (3/3)

Walk 400px
Above: from the Willem De Ridder Retrospective comics

De Ridder thumbs up
Above: Willem De Ridder

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Last installment in my All Chemix Radio series, here comes cassette #5 (ca 1985). I wish I had more than 3 of those cassettes.

01 Volcano Dance (29:49)
Miss Nova: voice
Z’ev: six k7 players with drum sounds

  • Miss Nova tells arresting stories of her life, including disturbing chilhood memories, on a background of unidentifyable industrial sounds produced by Z’ev (Stefan Weisser). Birds chirping can be heard along as well. Faint hushed men’s voices appear from time to time, adding to the menacing atmosphere. A rather disturbing listening experience.

02 Walk To Waha (29:25)
Nicole and Hessel Veldman: electronic & sound effects
Cora Emens: field recording
Willem De Ridder: field recording

  • Psychogeographic meandering across neurotic belgian areas in paranoid mood. A road movie for the ear complete with footsteps sounds, protagonists comments, engine noises. Very nice electronic sounds by Nicole & Hessel Veldman. The latter ran the Exart Cassette label during the 1980s. Go to this radio show to listen to some of his k7 releases. Also a member of Y Create and FNTC (with Cora, De Ridder & Andrew McKenzie).

Above: Z’ev ca 2007


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