Revue & Corrigée #69 CD, 2006


Luc Bernard
‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ 6:35
[Jerusalem, 1995]

Marie-Hélène Bernard
‘Hutongs’ 6:35
[Beijing, 2000, an excerpt from ‘Un peu plus de dix mille lis’]

Olivier Féraud
‘A La Plage’ 5:45
[recorded on the Morgat beach, in the Finistère region, France]

Yannick Dauby
‘Cigales Vs Autoroute’ 8:27
[Taïwan, 2005]

Falter Brammk
‘Portrait Sonore De Martin Tétreault’ 10:06
[interview with M Tétreault, including his rememberings of 1st Led Zeppelin LP]

Schmitt ‘Paroles d’Improvisateurs’ 21:47
[montage of 8 interviews with improvisors: Barre Philips, Michel Doneda, Sophie Agnel, Jérôme Noetinger, Pascal Battus, Nicolas Demarchelier, Olivier Toulemonde, Daunick Lazro. Completed 2005. With Michael Northam ‘Breathing Towers’ as background music]

François Billard
‘Private Privat’ 9:00
[unreleased 1981 interview with french accordionist Jo Privat made early 1980s]

Total time: 68:20
Given away with french experimental music magazine ‘Revue & Corrigée’ issue #69, September 2006.


The first 4 tracks are fine field recordings made around the world. Tracks 5 to 7 are sound montage works based on source interviews delivered in french. So understanding of said language is a plus, though not mandatory, audio work being of high quality.

Yannick Dauby

Luc Bernard vélo



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