Mike Shannon ‘Into a deeper unknown’ k7, 1979

Warning: this ‘Mike Shannon’ is not the canadian DJ nor the singer in french rockabilly band Les Chats Sauvages. The musician featured here was involved in the San Francisco industrial music movement during the 1980s. Additionally, I cannot ascertain the Tom Scott featured in this recording is actually the composer of Starsky & Hutch main theme.



side A: 32:00
side B: 31:40

Mike Shannon: flute, ceramic, voice, percussion
Tom Scott: metal flute, voice, percussion
+ the uninvited guests
Recorded live July 29th, 1979 below the sand dunes in the Fort Funston Bunkers in San Francisco.

This cassette was released by Françoise Duvivier, a parisian who was running the zine Metro Riquet, in the second half of the 80s. She was also a writer and a mail artist. She had a feature on Mike Shannon in Metro Riquet #6.

When A side starts, the duo is already in full action blowing their flutes along the accompaniment of children shouting and yelling outside the bunker. All sounds are drenched in the natural reverb of the concrete building. Shannon and Scott are exploring overtones and harmonics from their instruments as well as the unusual echo of the bunker. One can be reminded of some Pauline Oliveiros experiment with long echo and deep listening, or some Zoviet-France live recordings. ‘Into a deeper unknown’ is that wild and that beautiful.

Some of Mike Shannon other cassette releases: ‘Baptizm of solitude’, ‘Earnerve’, ‘Tesla seance’, ‘Standing Waves’, ‘Sensa Atmospheres’, ‘Busking for Obelisks’.



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