QuintetAvant ‘Floppy Nails’ LP 2002


01 Les Clous Mous (13:55)
02 Les Bleus Mots (17:22)
03 ” ” (4:28)

Lionel Marchetti: Revox reel player
Jérôme Noetinger: Revox reel player
Jean Pallandre: Revox reel player
Marc Pichelin: analog synth
Laurent Sassi: recording & mix

Tracks 01 & 02 recorded July 2001. Released on Mego 059 LP.

Track 03 recorded during the same sessions. From the Sonic Protest 2007 Festival compilation CD.

Improvised electroacoustic music played from analog devices (Revox reel player and analog synth) with live mixing by Laurent Sassi. Unusually vivid mix of fierce, unexpected, electroacoustic sounds. Unabashed meltdown of weird noises, electronic and found sounds (incl many voice excerpts treated beyond recognition). Quite unique.


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