Hélène Sage ‘Les athlètes’, 1985

I’m posting 2 tracks by french sound artist Hélène Sage, the mentor of this blog.

‘Les athlètes’ (7:42)
in Bad Alchemy #4, k7 , 1986


Hélène Sage: violin, contrabass, saxophone, drums, brake, voice, field recording
Francis Gorgé: electric guitar, keyboards, drum programming
re. 1985

This wonderful piece includes field recordings made in Paris during the 14th of July, the french national day and involving many fireworks being fired in the streets, parties dancing and drinking to the sound of accordion. All are heard here, along Hélène’s violin and Gorgé’s guitar, while venturing in quasi riotous Paris streets and wild party atmosphere. The only equivalent I can think of is Alfred Harth’s ‘Berlin, Q-Damm 12.4.81’.

. . .

La bouilloire paludéenne (5:25)

This is the soundtrack from the video ‘La bouilloire paludéenne’, 2004, a recent Hélène Sage show, with Philippe No., where she plays, amongst others, a stool with strings, a kettle and a bass flute. Hélène has long been a collaborator with dancers, poetry reading or singing, stage plays and performance act. You can listen to more of her compositions on her website. Video can be viewed here:


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