Bernard Heidsieck ‘Lettre à Brion Gysin’ (1974)

Editions al dante, France, 2004 #ad 24 CD

Heidsieck Gysin Cover


Bernard Heidsieck, Françoise Janicot, Laurence Lacina, Ricky Stein, voice.
Ariel Kalma, saxophone.

Sound letter addressed to Brion Gysin, after he departed from Paris to a London hospital to help cure his cancer. Recorded at Heidsieck’s home in Paris, Quai de Bourbon, 1974. What we have here is 4 layers of improvised vocals using only Brion Gysin’s first and last names as sound source. This rather deranged music would fit nicely in the Nurse With Wound list, I guess. The image below is from EAR Magazine #3, 1977, a report from a New York event involving Heidsieck.
EAR benefit concert

And to discover Heidsieck reading his own Poème Partition V titled ‘Vitesse, Ville, Varèse’, try this short video. In french.



2 Responses to “Bernard Heidsieck ‘Lettre à Brion Gysin’ (1974)”

  1. 2 continuo February 3, 2009 at 7:32 pm

    Tout le plaisir est pour moi.

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