steve roden ‘archival footage 1993-1998’

archival footage 1993-1998
anomalous records 1999, 10″ white vinyl, ed of 300


side 6. (micro-operas & lullabys)
1. aluminum 1996 (0:36)
2. cinnamon 1996 (0:36)
3. stars and moon 1995 (1:35)
4. oton 1993 (0:57)
5. sar hon yenko 1995 (6:52)
6. heavy. open. purple. elastic. 1998 (1:01)

side 3. (abstractions and variations)
1. cloud formation 1995 (5:16)
2. expressive document 1995 (5:33)
3. fabafbabfafb 1996 (0:50)

see this link for info.

even if not a fan of the man’s music, i can’t help but be fascinated by the poetry of the tracks on this lp. mesmerising vocals, real instruments and vinyl samples give depth to the music. perfect october music, as overall mood is melancholic and desolate, to no surprise. i also enjoy the art references (kokoschka, schoenberg, debussy) and i even find pleasure in the unpretentious lowercase writing, reminding me of ee cummings and frank o’hara.


speaking about art,
check out this beautiful
steve roden painting from 2006:
‘vapors and echos undone’,
oil and acrylic on linen, 36 x 42 inches,
on sale at lora reynolds galery,
austin, texas

. . .

[link removed].


1 Response to “steve roden ‘archival footage 1993-1998’”

  1. 1 sroden October 12, 2007 at 11:02 pm

    hello, could you please delete this download from your site. i’m in the process of remastering and releasing this for cd release for 2008. as i already make very little money, usually not even enough to recoup my costs on my own releases, i would appreciate if the illegal download in crappy mp3 format would not be available. there are several releases of my work available online that i created for the mp3 format, but this is not one of them.

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