Volcano The Bear ‘Volseptor’ (CDr, 2001)



Volcano The Bear ‘Volseptor’ (live 1998)
Volucan series #07

In 1998, british band Volcano The Bear (Nick Mott, Aaron Moore, Laurence Coleman & Daniel Padden) were in a frenzy of concert dates and continuously recording their gigs, later documenting them on CDrs with hand painted or xeroxed covers, to be sold at their next show. Later on, US label Beta Lactam launched a selection of these in a series of CDrs called the ‘Volucan’ series. Still active today, but less exciting, Volcano plays avantgarde rock/improv with a Dada flavor, with typical demented chanting and grotesque vocals, heavy druming, dark electronic sampler sounds and traditional instruments like piano, keybords, guitar, trumpet, clarinet. This live recording is one of their best, sharp and to the point.


01 Oslo top
02 Reahs’ mort
03 100 years of longitude
04 Kindly
05 Sex transfusion
06 Egg knoowledge
07 Botticello

Recorded live at the Physio & Firkin, Leicester on 19th June 1998.


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